Poll of Polls: AAP sweeps

New Delhi, Feb 8 (IANS) The poll of exit polls suggest the ruling Aam Aadmi Party is all set to sweep back to power in Delhi. While some exit polls suggest that the BJP is likely to gain ground, it is not enough for the saffron party to have a taste of power, in spite of being out of power for almost two decades.

The NewsX-Neta App Exit Poll suggests Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal is leading his party back to power with anything between 53 and 57 seats. The BJP is tipped to get 11 to 17 seats, while the Congress remains a no-gainer with minimum zero and a maximum of two seats.

NewsX held another exit poll along with POLSTRAT which does not give any different predictions. According to it, the AAP gets 50-56 seats, the BJP 10-14 seats while the Congress scores a duck.

However, the Times Now-IPSOS Exit Poll shows that the BJP gave a tough fight and is likely to get 23 seats. However, as per it, the AAP seems to be safe with 47 seats. The Congress still gets a duck, according to this poll.

IPSOS did another survey, partnering with India TV, whose results are little more cheering for BJP, which scores 26 seats. But, the AAP retains power with 44 seats, and Congress gets nought again.

The Republic-Jan ki Baat Exit Poll makes the range wide. It gives the AAP anything between 48 and 61, while gives the BJP anything between 9 and 21 seats. This exit poll too, doesn’t give much to the Congress which is slated to get between zero and one seat.

Jan Ki Baat held another survey with News 24, where it made specific predictions – 55 seats for the AAP, 15 for the BJP and none for the Congress.

According to the ABP-CVoter survey, the Congress has hardly recovered from its rout in 2015. But many would say that its lacklustre campaign is also to blame that directed all anti-BJP votes towards AAP, which is tipped to get between 49 and 63 seats. The Congress is likely to get between zero and four seats while the BJP is tipped to get between 5 and 19 seats.

Interestingly, the India Today-Axis Exit poll, which has been very accurate for the last few elections, gives AAP a massive 59-68 seats. Its a complete sweep for the AAP, if one goes by this exit poll. It gives the BJP anything between two to 11 seats and predicts zero for the Congress.

The overarching theme that emerges is that the AAP is all set to taste power in Delhi for the second time, while the BJP will have to sit in the opposition, probably with better numbers. The Congress will have been really lucky to send even one MLA in Delhi assembly this time as well.