Covid-19: 4.5 lakhs people counselled in Kerala

Covid-19: 4.5 lakhs people counselled in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: The Psycho Social Support Team attached to the Kerala health department has by now given online support to over 4.5 lakh people, since February, after Covid-19 was first reported in the country at Thrissur on January 30.

Psycho Social Support Teams have been constituted in all the 14 districts in the state and comprising of 3633 people which include psychiatrists, psychiatric social workers, clinical psychologists, social workers and counsellors.

The counselling was given to 2.08 lakh people who were at one point under observation after turning a possible suspect for coronavirus and in all close to 4.50 lakh people got the benefit of this facility.

The department pointed out that by now they have conducted 4,45,734 telephonic counselling besides 1,25,890 follow up calls. A total of 11,319 incoming calls came to their helpline.