The parrot who chose freedom


 This is a curious case of an unfaithful parrot who let his master down.

The parrot belonged to an inspector and went missing on Tuesday.

The inspector Ram Kripal, posted in the PAC, claimed that his neighbour had stolen the parrot and the bird was with the neighbours who claimed that they owned the parrot.

When the matter reached the Ashiana police station, the station in-charge in a Akbar-Birbal style of judgment, said that he would open the cage and the ownership would be decided by the parrot.

“The parrot will obviously go to its master,” he told both the claimants.

As soon as the station in-charge opened the cage, the parrot without much ado flew out into the open sky embracing its new found independence, while both the claimants returned to their homes disappointed that the bird had disowned them.

Lucknow, (IANS)