Two kids talking about growing up in 90s: Chhetri on chat with Kohli

Two kids talking about growing up in 90s: Chhetri on chat with Kohli

Mumbai: They are superstars in their own right. But when Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli caught up with national football skipper Sunil Chhetri, the 90s’ kid in them took centrestage.

Chhetri, who was playing the host in his show ‘ElevenOnTen’ on Instagram on Sunday, asked Kohli about the 90s’ era when they both grew up in New Delhi.

“Just two kids talking about growing up in the 90s,” India’s record goalscorer Chhetri said in a tweet on Monday, sharing that part from their long conversation where they spoke about things they used to watch during that decade.

“You should never forget where you came from,” Kohli said while talking about his 90s’ days.

“My childhood has been spent living in a proper West Delhi society. So one thing I have learnt is that whenever I meet some friend from my society, I talk to him in the same manner as I used to when I lived there.

“To me that is the biggest marker that you are never away from who you are,” Kohli added.

Chhetri agreed as the pair had a gala time. During the chat, Kohli also expressed his admiration for batting legend Sachin Tendulkar.

Kohli, who is often referred to as Tendulkar’s second coming in Indian cricket, spoke about the Master Blaster’s iconic knock against Australia in Sharjah in 1998.

“The one knock in international cricket you wished you had played?” Chhetri asked.

“1998 desert storm,” Kohli answered straight away.

“Which one, the first one in the semi-final or the final?” Chhetri futher asked.

“The first one where we qualified for the final,” Kohli clarified. (IANS)