Muslim body seeks PM’s help to stop anti-community hate content

New Delhi: Amid the posting of hate content on the social media against the Muslims after the Tablighi Markaz fiasco, a conglomeration of community bodies on Tuesday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to act to stop hate-mongering on these platforms.

All India Muslim Majlis-e-Mushawarat (Apex Confederation of Muslim Organisations) chief Navaid Hamid said that “in a coordinated digital hate campaign 30K fake clips are in circulation on TikTok to spread disinformation that Muslims are spreading Covid-19 in the country and these clips are creating tensions between communities across India”.

He said that many Chief Ministers, most of them from southern states, have repeatedly asserted that they would not allow any disinformation and hate campaign in their respective states. The Union government too has repeatedly warned about spreading of disinformation regarding coronavirus.

“It’s earnestly requested to scrutinise this hate campaign aimed at creating social disharmony and unrest in these times of national medical emergency, and it would be appropriate if the ministry concerned immediately takes up the issue with TikTok to remove such hate contents,” said Hamid.

He also urged the state governments to keep an eye on the hate campaign and communal propaganda spread on the social media, pointing out that the BJP President JP Nadda too had appealed to party workers to desist from making Covid-19 a communal issue.

“Beside TikTok, Facebook and Twitter too have became easy platforms to spread hatred; therefore, kindly consider to issue a personal appeal to all to desist from spreading divisive contents on the social media as it may influence your fans and followers in true sense,” the Muslim leader said.

The VHP on Sunday had demanded that the organisation be banned, and even alleged that it has terror links.

It alleged that “after indoctrination at Nizamuddin Markaz, hundreds of thousands of Tablighi Jamaat followers are spreading obscurantism, wickedness and terrorism all over the world. Most of the founders of the world’s terrorist organizations have also been associated with the Tablighi Jamaat”.