Bar unhappy over Justice Mishra’s remark on PM

The Bar Association of India (BAI) has expressed discontent over Supreme Court judge Arun Mishra’s remark praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his vote of thanks at the International Judicial Conference 2020, here on Saturday.

Justice Mishra, third in the seniority, praised Modi twice calling him an “internationally acclaimed visionary” and “versatile genius who thinks globally and acts locally”. He also praised Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, present at the event.

“India is a responsible and most friendly member of the international community under the stewardship of internationally-acclaimed visionary Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” Justice Mishra said.

Lalit Bhasin, president the Bar, said, “The BAI executive committee is of the view that the use of effusive terms of praise and adulation by Justice Mishra about the Prime Minister go beyond the terms of formal courtesy extended during a vote of thanks.”

The advocates’ body claimed such act served to dilute the perception of impartiality and independence and also diminished the confidence of the public. “As the top court judges are expected to decide cases against the executive, while upholding constitutional principles and the rule of law as paramount”, it added.

The advocates’ body said it was the foundational obligation of the judges to maintain a discreet and dignified distance from the executive branch of the government.

New Delhi, Feb 25 (IANS)