Kamal Nath govt safe

Kamal Nath govt safe

New Delhi: Midnight resort politics, Congress leaders crying “money power”, chartered flights vrooming — they all are essential ingredients of the great political ‘tamasha’ that India has become accustomed to.

Two ministers in the Madhya Pradesh government – Jitu Patwari and Jaivardhan Singh – scrambled to undo the ‘damage’ at the ITC Resort in Manesar near Gurugram on Tuesday night. By the next sunrise, Chief Minister Kamal Nath seems to have outsmarted the opposition, once again.

Six out of the 10 Madhya Pradesh MLAs who were allegedly held hostage at Gurugram overnight, were brought back on Wednesday and taken straight to the residence of the Chief Minister.

Ten MLAs from Madhya Pradesh were brought to the national capital by the BJP. BJP’s Narottam Mishra is alleged to have been in “close contact” with them.

As of Thursday, four MLAs continue to remain “untamed”.

(Inputs from IANS)