Senior cop tries to pacify Jamia protesters, to no avail

New Delhi, Feb 10 (IANS) Hours after a stand-off between Jamia protesters and police continued near Holy Family Hospital here on Monday, the Joint Commissioner of Police for southern range addressed the protesters and requested them to call off the protest but they refused.

“The protest event that you were supposed to attend is now over. There is no point in standing here. Return back to your university now,” the Joint CP (southern range) Devesh Chandra Srivastava told them.

He appealed to the student protesters to offer their evening prayers on the road, followed by the national anthem and return back to the campus.

“I would request you it’s time for your evening prayers, please offer your prayers then we will have national anthem before you proceed back to campus,” Srivastava said.

“It is dark now, some miscreants might enter in your protest and create ruckus, better you call it off now,” Srivastava added.

The protesters though remained unmoved by the request, as they continued raising anti-CAA and anti-police slogans.

The protest march to Parliament called by the Jamia Coordination Committee was blocked by Delhi Police after the protesters were stopped near Holy Family Hospital which is walking distance from Jamia Millia Islamia.