Only ‘Namaste Please’ : Javadekar

Only ‘Namaste Please’ : Javadekar

New Delhi: Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Prakash Javadekar urged people to take the ‘namaste’ route instead of shaking hands. He also asked Indians not to panic in the face of the coronavirus outbreak.

“Greet people by not shaking hands but by Indian namaste,” said the minister. The government is requesting people to minimise direct body contact.

Javadekar added, “Fear has gripped the world because of coronavirus. But let us not panic. But we have to be cautious. And simple preventive steps will protect you.”

He also requested people to contact doctors the moment they have fever or caught a cold.

His I&B Ministry was entrusted with the job of dissemination of information after the high level meeting by PMO on Wednesday.

Javadekar’s request to take refuge in Namaste found resonance with the Delhi government on Thursday suspending biometric attendance in its offices that requires touching.

Coronavirus, named COVID-19 by the WHO, has infected over 90,000 people across the globe. The outbreak of the new strain of viruses was reported from China. It spread to more than 60 countries and now has entered India with 29 positive cases, including one in Delhi.

The symptoms of coronavirus included cold, cough, pneumonia, other flu-like manifestations and shortness of breath.

(Inputs from IANS)