COVID-19: VHP jumps into cremation row in Maharashtra

COVID-19: VHP jumps into cremation row in Maharashtra

Mumbai : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad lashed out at the Maharashtra government on Thursday for backtracking on an order to compulsorily cremate all those who died of COVID-19. The VHP also accused the NCP-Cong-Shiv Sena government of practicing appeasement politics and playing with the health of citizens as India battles coronavirus.

“A circular was issued two days back by the Municipal Commissioner of Greater Mumbai Pravin Pardeshi that any death occurred due to coronavirus irrespective of religion he or she will be cremated but to everyone’s surprise this circular was withdrawn within hours by the Minority Development Minister Nawab Malik who tweeted from his official Twitter account that the circular issued by the Hon Municipal Commissioner stands withdrawn. Vishwa Hindu Parishad strongly condemns this irresponsible act by the minister,” said VHP spokesperson Shriraj Nair on Thursday.

Calling it appeasement politics at the time of a pandemic, the VHP alleged that the act puts the health of citizens at risk. “The cremation of a body is the most scientific way to destroy the virus which many countries are following. VHP demands the circular to be re-enforced and all dead bodies should be cremated irrespective of the religion of the deceased,” it demanded.

Adding that Mumbai being the Financial Capital of India and having a large number of international travelers coming there each day, the decision to cremate dead bodies died due to COVID-19 is imperative.