Sachin Tendulkar’s tribute to ‘5 women’ of his life

Sachin Tendulkar’s tribute to ‘5 women’ of his life

Mumbai: Marking International Women’s Day, cricket maestro Sachin Tendulkar on Sunday paid tributes to the ‘five women’ in his life and how they influenced him from his childhood to becoming a legend in the cricket world.

In a heartwarming video posted on social media, he reminisces about his childhood, early days in sports and the role of his mother, aunt, wife, daughter and mother-in-law behind his success.

On his mother Rajni, Sachin talked about how she always looked after him and cared for his health like any mother would to ensure that her son always stays healthy and happy; his aunt Mangala Tendulkar at whose home he lived for four years during his school and formative days in cricket, whom he describes as “like another mother”.

He also thanked his wife Anjali and her parents for supporting his decisions both on and off the field and expressed pride for his daughter Sara for turning into a wonderful woman, yet staying true to her roots, but has the advantage of getting exposure to the newer things in the world.

Sachin lauded his wife Anjali, who took the initiative to take over the burden of looking after the family so that he could concentrate on his country and cricket.

“So all these five women, without them, I don’t know what I would be,” the 46-year-old batsman signs off gratefully.