I am a cricket tragic: Shashi Tharoor tells Sunil Chhetri

I am a cricket tragic: Shashi Tharoor tells Sunil Chhetri

New Delhi: Congress MP Shashi Tharoor opened up regarding his love for cricket during a live video session with India football captain Sunil Chhetri on popular social media platform Instagram. Tharoor went on to the extent of calling himself a ‘cricket tragic’ and revealed that his love for the game started at a very young age.

It all started when Chhetri asked Tharoor about his favourite sport and favourite Indian sportsperson and the latter spoke about his love for the game.

“I don’t watch football but my twin sons, who are your age, make up for it completely. When it comes to me, from my childhood, I have been what the Australians call a cricket tragic,” Tharoor told Chhetri.

“I saw my first Test match with my father at the age of seven. I was hooked from then onwards and I have been hooked with cricket ever since.

“I wouldn’t name one favourite cricketer, I have had many. When you have been watching a sport for half a century you have lots of favourite overtime. It would be easier for me to pick 20 than pick one favorite cricketer,” he added.

Chhetri then changed the question and asked: “So let’s say the first India cricketer that you really loved and followed.”

“The first player whom I really liked was M.L. Jaisimha. He was a very very interesting player. He was very attractive player both to look at and see play. He would tie a handkerchief around his neck and looked like somebody out of a 16th century pirate scene.

“Then of course there was M.A.K. Pataudi who lost one eye but still went on to become a great batsman, far greater if he would have his both eyes. He broke every single school boy cricket record.” (IANS)